Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lesson with Liz

One whole hour just Liz, Ryker and I. We worked on some SLS exercises. Really got to proof him more and challenge him to think on staying. He forgets to think when he is around the Agility equipment. He loves thinking and guessing and anticipating. And that is great, however he has to think with me, not against me. We also did some weave pole entry training. Been battling this on and off for some time now. Shauna has been giving me some great ideas and Liz added some more great ways to help him collect. He did some really nice collection with one of the exercises.I voiced my concern about his 2o2o at the A-Frame and possibly putting to much force on his shoulders when he stops. But Liz said that he does it very nice. I will relax a bit more and make him stop every time.My plan for the future. .... do the trials I am entered in, go to camp, re-train, re-train, re-train, no more trial until he can get it right. ASCA and DOCNA trials only and train in the ring if (when) he needs it.

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