Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ryker's Goals for 2009

Get my RAE. Only two DQ's to go. March looks like it would be a great month.Obedience? Maybe, maybe not. Like Ryddick already mentioned. I may try some ASCA Obedience. Or Rally if they start to offer it. Herding, nope, not for me. Sheep excite me waaaaayyyyyy to much. Agility, yup, lots of plans for AG. I am planning to get my AX, AXJ, MX and MXJ. Depends on how many AKC trials mom is going to take me. I am also planning on Qing for the DOCNA Nationals and maybe the USDAA Nationals, too. My other plan for USDAA is to get my AAD and MAD. But again that depends on how many trials we are going to go to. In Flyball I am signed up for my tournament debut the end of January. My goal is to go to Flyball nationals this year in Nebraska. I am going to work very hard to get there. Tricks and Freestyle is something I will definitely continue.So, I think that's it.

Raygen's Goals in 2009

More herding, more Flyball, more Agility, more tricks, more kisses.I am going to try not to be mean to other dogs. Sometimes it is hard to be good especially when they pee over my pee. That is just soooo rude and has to be punished.

Rylie's Goals for 2009

I really don't care. I just want to play fetch.Mom said she would love for me to finish my RA title. I only need one more leg and the trial in March might be a good idea to enter.I will also try to get my NAP and maybe my OAP and OJP. My leg is bothering me sometimes and I can't do anymore Flyball.Herding sheep would be fun, but they sure aren't Cattle and nipping them is a big no-no.I love doing tricks and I will learn more tricks fur sure. Freestyle is my favorite sport.I also promise to continue to keep the peace. A home without peace is not good. Mom needs me to help.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ryddick's Goals For 2009

More herding, herding, herding. I really lover herding. Mom said she will borrow some sheep from Shauna so I can herd every day, all day. That would be great.Agility, I think I love Agility. I get soooo excited and can't control my emotions. Mom says I sound like an ape.Obedience, no, not really. Nobody seems to have any fun in Obdience. I play Obedience with my mom, but competing is not going to be an option for me.Rally, sure why not. I haven't done much, but seem to understand what mom wants me to do.Maybe I will get started in Rally in March.Flyball, no, not for me. I get to excited and nip other dogs so they stop barking and hurting my head. Way bad for my psyche.Tricks and Freestyle, yes, yes, yes. Lots of them. I love it when mom plays tricks with me. I catch on very quick.And I will try to be better to my big bro. Going to CU class is helping me though. I will continue with CU classes for sure.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ryker earns his AD !!!!

This weekend started with a very funky run. Ryker took off the start line without being released. He hasn't done this in a while and it took me by surprise. Instead of stopping I kept going. This was what turned out to be a huge mistake. He was not at all in sync with me. The highlight was the Luganis off the Teeter. I don't think he even moved the teeter a foot.Snookers was great, however, without looking at a map I missed the closing part and was one point short of Q'ing. Our run in Pairs was great, however, my pairs partner had an off course and we ended up not qualifying.The best run was Jumpers. We were the second to last dog of this trial and the only concern I had was the beginning sequence into a possible tunnel trap. He did great! He did a perfect SLS. I lead out to the 3rd obstacle. The tunnel entry seemed a piece of cake and a calm feeling overcame me and it felt like we were running the rest of the course in slow motion. My adrenaline had kicked in and my brain was able to take in the speed at a much faster rate. It was very cool.That run was what we needed for the AD (Agility Dog) Title. Next goal in USDAA.... AAD.

New USDAA Title

We again had a successful weekend. He needed a Snookers leg and a Gamblers leg to earn his PDIII (MAD). Snookers went great until he took the dog walk in the opening sequence. That off course did not get us a Q.Gamblers was a great run. He did everything I asked him to, including the weaves and I still had time to sent him over an extra jump and tunnel for more points. The gamble was a jump to opposite tunnel entry, dog walk and jump. After I called him away from the incorrect tunnel entry he was confused about taking the other end. We ran out of time and I helped him finish on a high note. I was very happy with his speed and enthusiasm. I only entered him in a few runs this weekend to keep him motivated and he sure did. His weaves were great, he was even barking when he went through them.His standard run was great and he earned his PSIII title with a blue ribbon. (Performance Standard III title = 5 qualifying legs in Masters)I am looking forward to our 2009 trials.

Ryddick at a Trial

I was working on some being calm on the mat at the trial this weekend. It went great until a person I know came by and leaned over to pet Ryddick. She had her dog with her and she went to sniff Ryddick. I was holding Ryddick muzzle close to me. he had started to growl at her dog. Even after letting her know that this was not a good time to bring her dog this close she kept insisting that they get along. It seemed forever until she finally left. I wasn't angry at her, just a bit baffled that she did not notice Ryddick's stress and warning growls. Her dogs and Ryddick get along great out in the field and off leash. However, in a stressful trial environment nothing seems as it is.My friend saw all this and after talking to her she suggested not to put myself into a situation like this, where people can accidentally sabotage my training efforts. So true! Thanks EA!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Watch Dog

Late last night Rylie was sleeping on one of the dog beds in dining room. She woke up and while still laying in her bed started to bark. She must have heard something outside, since it was an alarm bark. It usually is a cat or other dog barking so I told her to stop it and she did. A few minutes later she barked again. I picked her up and put her on the couch next to me so she would stop. She cuddle up to me and went back to sleep. This morning I found out why she barked.
All five chickens have been killed by what I assume where Raccoons. I was so furious. They took 3 of them and left 2 behind, dying of their injuries. Not even taking a bite out of them. These are not cute little raccoons you see in a Disney movie. These are nasty, dirty, sick looking creatures.
Talking to our neighbor this morning, they got into his garage and ate his cat and dog food.
I had a talk with Rylie this morning and thanked her for trying to let me know my chickens were getting murdered. She barked and me and ran to get a toy.