Tuesday, June 24, 2008

USDAA Trial June 21-23

I entered Ryker in the Teams competition. Our team mates where Cayenne and Monty.Our Team name was PG (Parental Guidance). Eric, Monty's dad, designed a great iron on and provided us with the T-Shirts on the morning of our run. We had a great time. Our PG dogs had some mishaps and surprise performance throughout the day. It was hot and we were tired at the end. Ryker, again, fell of the dog walk. It is a very slippery dog walk and a lot of dogs are having minor issues. His speed and inexperience makes it dangerous for him to attempt it the way he does our dog walk at home.On Saturday and Monday we entered all the other classes and even though we had some fantastic runs, we only qualified in in one class. Seems like there is just a bit missing. I had to stop a run, when Ryker started to not wait for a release on the contacts and ran the course without me. Even though he took the correct sequence of obstacles, we weren't a team. He did much better at our Standard run that followed.

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