Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The weather has been incredibly nice for Flyball practice and it has been lots of fun. Raygen gets very excited when it is his turn to play. The one thing we haven't been able to get him to do is NOT double step between jump 2 and 3. Actually, the only time he won't do it is we play chase recalls. He loves those. G took some pictures at practice and he even posed at one of them. Can't wait to go to practice on Sunday again!

Blowing Bubbles

I have a youtube friend that taught her dog to blow bubbles and I though it would be fun to teach my dogs., too.It was incredibly easy to teach Ryddick. He is very clicker savvy and understands shaping. I will teach the others as well and post it on their Blog when I do.Here is the youtube link.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Retirement from USDAA

I decided not to run Rylie in 16" Performance USDAA and pull the entry. She only needs one Standard and one Gamblers leg to get her PD1, however she really is uncomfortable jumping at that height. I tried at the last Club practice and she ended up not even wanting to do the weave poles. The title really doesn't matter to her. I will still run her in AKC 12" preferred and try to get into Excellent. We will see how she feels.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Flyball News

Ryker the Drool King

Ryker is back in Flyball training and we are having great results. We figured that we where putting way to much enthusiasm into the box turns and he wasn't able to concentrate. This is our routine for now, G will say quietly "Ryker get the ball" and I whisper "OK" and let him go. It was amazing. Of course he already knew how to do a box turn, but we weren't able to add the ball before then. He was doing full runs by the end of the day. It was pretty. We are going to be careful not to add to much other stimulation to his runs. I am hoping that we are going to be able to go to the next planned tournament. First we are looking forward to the USDAA trial in Farmington.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Growth Mistery

4 stitches for the big one and 1 stitch for the little oneDuring the last few weeks I have been thinking about if I should have Ryddick go under a general anesthetic or a local one. There are pros and cons to do either. This morning I decided that a general would be best in his situation. Having to hold him still while getting a growth on his back removed would have been a challenge for the techs and very stressful for Ryddick. Come to find out there was another one that had started on the side of his torso.The good news is that they are not tumors and it is benign. The bad news is that he will most likely going to get more throughout his live. I can't remember what the exact name of it is, but the vet explained that something gets into his follicle and becomes calcified and it will grow very quickly.He was groggy all day. I hope I don;t have to do this more then once a year. There is an option of learning how to get the cyst before it becomes larger, but it would involve a big needle and someone to hold Ryddick down. Maybe he will hold still for some liver?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Herding 11-7-09

Today we put Ryddick back into the "big" arena in a long time. He did really good. At first he seemed a bit lost. Shauna kept her cool and he calmed down and did some nice work. At the end he seemd to know that it was time to stop and it took a minute for Shauna to calm him down and "that'll do". Here is the linl to the uncut video.