Monday, June 16, 2008

Blackfoot AKC Agility June12th-15th

It was 4 days of different weather. Thursday was cold and windy with a few sprinkles. Ryker ran great. He earned his Open Jumpers title in first place. He was the only dog in the class to qualify. He did not miss his weave entry, but ran around a jump.
He did have an awesome Standard run on Sunday. He listened well and entered the weaves great and while he was in he accelerated and skipped a weave. I pulled him out and had him do it again and still qualified. Some people did not see him skip one of the weaves and were surprised I pulled him. But he can't think he can do it and get away with it. Speed is great, but it has to be accurate, too. His contacts were great and bar knocking has dramatically improved. Some of the Linda Mecklenburg and Susan Salo exercises have helped. I am very pleased with his progress. Hopefully it will repeat in USDAA at Lynnleigh Farms.

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