Thursday, August 28, 2008

PKC Agility 9--27-08

After a very long break (Jan 2007) from Agility trialing, I entered Rylie in the PKC trial for one JWW and one STD run in Nov Pref 12".She did great! I was calm while running her and not to worried about making time, since this was preferred and we had pretty much all the time in the world. She placed first both runs and earned her Novice STD Preferred title. I am very proud that she was able to stay with me and not go crazy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weave Pole Entries

Ryker has a hard time getting his weave pole entries. He does not collect before hitting the entry. Then a few months ago he was weaving and he must have hit his nose. It was bleeding and a few times after that he ran past the weaves. I have been training a bit the way Rachel Sandres showed us. I will do some more and hope he will understand the entry a bit better. USDAA trial is coming up and I hope we are going to have some great runs and a Q would be nice.

Herding Goats

I decided to use the goats to teach Raygen some slow "driving". I have him on a 25 foot leash so if he decides to take off he will not be able to chase them down. He did really well. I ask for a lot of sit and release while walking up to the goats. Gotta control that puppy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This one I captured and put in on cue in less then a day. Raygen is very operant and he catches on quickly on what I would like for him to do. I will post tricks as I have time to record.
Raygen Sneeze
Raygen Shame

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Off The Wall

I took this Video in April and finally got around to post it. The growling in the background is Ryddick chasing Rylie after she runs to get the ball. Her turn is nice and tight and her head is down when she lands.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Teeter Work #2

We went to Agility practice to Huntsville and I worked Ryddick on the teeter. He did not show any sing of going over threshold and wanting to attack the teeter. I click when has take 3 steps on it and reward at the end. It works great. He is concentrating on getting his treat and not on attacking the teeter. I did a short sequence, jump, tunnel teeter and he again was great on the teeter. I tried again and the little stinker actually bypassed the tunnel and ran onto the teeter. Shauna laughed at me for creating a Teeter sucker. Heehee

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Obedience II

I signed Ryddick up for an Obedience II class and even though I have only trained him for Agility he is doing some fancy Obedience behaviors. His tucks are to die for. He comes when called, picking up his leash on the way and he will do a long sit and a down. We were asked to bring our mat out and show how well the dogs go to mat and he runs to it and lays down. We enjoyed class and maybe I will start him in Rally next session.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

USDAA Trial August 8th and 9th

Ryker did it again! He earned yet another new title. This time in Snookers Starters. I have been hoping for a Jumpers leg to get his AD this weekend, however that did not happen. Not paying attention to what he was looking at cost me the only jumpers run that weekend. I am hoping to get it at the next trial though. He ran an almost flawless Advanced Standard course until the weaves. He entered correctly and immediately looked at me and came out. Then the funniest thing happened at before the last jump. He seemed a bit confused as to if I wanted him to take it or not. I kept telling him over, over, over. He spun around a few times looking at me and the jump as he approached it and finally took it. Everybody laughed as I cheered him on for taking it. It was funny.
His contacts were to die for. He is always so far ahead of me on the Dog Walk and I run my butt off. Most of the time, next to the judge, who is trying to watch for him touching the yellow, but Ryker comes to a dead stop not making it hard for the judge at all.
His start line stays are continuing to improve. I have to stay mentally strong and walk off if he ever breaks it. No dumbing down allowed!

USDAA Trial August 8th and 9th

Snookers was our first run and Raygen had a great opening until we came to the threadle. I was careful not to call him to much since I did not want him to shut down so he did a beautiful serpentine instead. Oh well.Next run was jumpers and we had no connection at all. I realized to late that I did not take some time to go over to the rodeo happenings for him to check out the cattle and horses. He was very distracted. After our run I took him over to see the calves hoping to eliminate any further issue.It seemed to have worked since we Q'ed and earned first place. All in all he did very well and is only one leg away form his PIII Standard tile (5 needed) and one Gambler and one Snooker leg for his PDIII (MAD). Hope to get it in December at our next USDAA trial.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

ASCA Trial August 2nd and 3rd

This ASCA trial was very small. I split up the runs between Raygen, Ryker and Ryddick. ASCA courses are more open and "faster" and a challenge for Ryker and I. He started out being a complete spazz and slid off the front of the teeter before it hit the ground. Not sure if he thought it was the dog walk or if the teeter was to slippery. On our last jumpers run I realized by the 2nd jump that I was way to far behind. I ended up having to do a lot of sends and verbals. It was a nice run and he kept all the bars up. He earned his GS-N and RS-N and legs in Open Jumpers and Open Regular. I am always having doubt if I should continue to run in ASCA with him, but I was able to practice the SLS and weave pole entries. Can't wait to see what happens next week at USDAA.

ASCA Trial August 2nd and 3rd

Yay for Raygen! He earned his first 10 ATCH points for Jumpers and qualified in both his Regular Elite runs only needing one more leg for his RS-E title. His jumpers runs were very nice, not getting sucked in by the tunnel trap was a huge accomplishment. For the ATCH title we need 200 points in Regular, 100 points in Jumpers and 100 points in Gamblers. Not something that is going to happen in the near future since we only attend 2 ASCA trials a year.

ASCA Trial August 2nd and 3rd

I was very happy with Rylie and her calm manner at the trial site. She gets exited about being with me and did some nice obedience with me. We also did some Freestyle , which she love the to do more then anything. Even though I used lots of treats while training her she will work for just being with me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

ASCA Trial August 2nd and 3rd

What a great weekend. Ryddick has some great runs. He did his SLS, never knocked a bar and I added the weaves to our gambler course and he did great. His contacts were very nice and he loved going through the tunnels. When we were almost done with our Gambler run he ran past the last run out of the ring and did a "perimeter check". I was suprised and waited until he came back. I am going to teach him to go to his leash after his run to give him a target end behavior. Not sure what I cue it as yet. He did earn his first ever title in Agility, JS-N. Maybe he is ready for JWW?

Weaving, weaving, weaving

Last night I had 12 weave poles set-up for Ryker to play in. Ryddick offered me a ball to throw and ran to the weaves and did all 12. I threw the ball and he came back and did it again. He loves the poles. What a good boy!