Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WW TPLO Surgery

Rylie is going to have TPLO surgery today. I am hoping for the best.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WW Like Father Like Son

Slickcrownjewl aka Ryddick

One Slick Buck aka Slick

Monday, February 16, 2009

Success at GIVTC trial, 2-15/16

More runs and more ribbons. Raygen Q'ed in both JWW and earend another 16 points. As a bonus he finished 4th in his last JWW run. The ground cover was very hard, dry and slippery and at one point in my STD run I slipped. It was difficult to stay on task with handling and Raygen sucked into the wrong tunnel twice.
Ryker did really well. He never dropped a bar, did all his contacts, did not run a wrong course. He was just not getting the weaves. Which keeps us from qualifying in Exc. No mistakes allowed.
Ryddick ran again on Monday and qualified both in the JWW and Std run. No knocked bars, no off-course and no refusals and two new Agility titles NAP and NJP (first AKC titles). After such a long break I now need to make a plan on what, how and where to train. Next trial will be in Farmington in March. It will be a DOCNA trial and there is training in the ring allowed. Good for Ryddick and I.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

IKC Agility Trial 2/13-14

Ryddick JWW

I had a great time the last two days at the IKC Agility Trial in South Jordan. Raygen' s JWW run on Friday was very nice. He only missed the serpentine when he looked for Libby, a dog he really likes. Ryker's JWW was O.K. on Saturday. He pulled out of the weaves and missed the serpentine. I handled mostly with rear crosses and the last sequence with 5 jumps was sloppy. He however did not knock any bars and held his SLS until I released him. This alone is reason to celebrate. On Saturday I was doing some front crosses that I haven't tried with neither dog at a trial and it worked beautifully. I did not stumble and fall and they read my cues nicely. Ryker did take and off course, but recovered nicley after that. Raygen was listening very well and I overhandled a jump and pulled him off. Otherwise my handling seems to get more in sinc with the big boys.
Our Standard runs were amazing. Raygen Q'ed both days and earned 23 points. Ryker had a beautiful run on Friday with only one off course. Saturday he ran beautifully. He missed his weave pole entry, however the rest of the course was clean and again he did not knock a bar.
As a bonus I ran Ryddick today. His teeter issue is not as bad, but he still barks at it. He knocked a bar in STD and pummelled a jump in JWW. The rest of the course were nice. He handles a bit more like a tank than a Ferrari (Ryker) and he is a lot of fun.
Here are some videos

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flyball St. George, January 31st, February 1st

I am a bit behind in posting about our very successful Flyball tournament with my team UTB.
This one was was sponsored by Stampede in St. George, Utah. The drive is not to bad and the weather was very nice.
Raygen and Ryker were signed up for singles races and Ryddick came along for the ride.
This was Ryker's debut race. His best time was 4.18 seconds. This was Raygen's second tournament and he really loved it. His best time was 4.77 seconds.
To my suprise I was asked to run Raygen and Ryker in one of the team races. Raygen's turn was on Saturday and Ryker was to run on Sunday. Both of them did fantastic and earned their of TF/Top Flight title. Maybe Ryker will go to Nationals in Nebraska this year?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WW Red Heads

Red Baron aka Ryker

Ryker's Grandad Bo-Tyne Copper