Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ryddick at a Trial

I was working on some being calm on the mat at the trial this weekend. It went great until a person I know came by and leaned over to pet Ryddick. She had her dog with her and she went to sniff Ryddick. I was holding Ryddick muzzle close to me. he had started to growl at her dog. Even after letting her know that this was not a good time to bring her dog this close she kept insisting that they get along. It seemed forever until she finally left. I wasn't angry at her, just a bit baffled that she did not notice Ryddick's stress and warning growls. Her dogs and Ryddick get along great out in the field and off leash. However, in a stressful trial environment nothing seems as it is.My friend saw all this and after talking to her she suggested not to put myself into a situation like this, where people can accidentally sabotage my training efforts. So true! Thanks EA!

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