Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ryker's Goals for 2009

Get my RAE. Only two DQ's to go. March looks like it would be a great month.Obedience? Maybe, maybe not. Like Ryddick already mentioned. I may try some ASCA Obedience. Or Rally if they start to offer it. Herding, nope, not for me. Sheep excite me waaaaayyyyyy to much. Agility, yup, lots of plans for AG. I am planning to get my AX, AXJ, MX and MXJ. Depends on how many AKC trials mom is going to take me. I am also planning on Qing for the DOCNA Nationals and maybe the USDAA Nationals, too. My other plan for USDAA is to get my AAD and MAD. But again that depends on how many trials we are going to go to. In Flyball I am signed up for my tournament debut the end of January. My goal is to go to Flyball nationals this year in Nebraska. I am going to work very hard to get there. Tricks and Freestyle is something I will definitely continue.So, I think that's it.

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