Sunday, December 7, 2008

New USDAA Title

We again had a successful weekend. He needed a Snookers leg and a Gamblers leg to earn his PDIII (MAD). Snookers went great until he took the dog walk in the opening sequence. That off course did not get us a Q.Gamblers was a great run. He did everything I asked him to, including the weaves and I still had time to sent him over an extra jump and tunnel for more points. The gamble was a jump to opposite tunnel entry, dog walk and jump. After I called him away from the incorrect tunnel entry he was confused about taking the other end. We ran out of time and I helped him finish on a high note. I was very happy with his speed and enthusiasm. I only entered him in a few runs this weekend to keep him motivated and he sure did. His weaves were great, he was even barking when he went through them.His standard run was great and he earned his PSIII title with a blue ribbon. (Performance Standard III title = 5 qualifying legs in Masters)I am looking forward to our 2009 trials.

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