Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ryddick's Goals For 2009

More herding, herding, herding. I really lover herding. Mom said she will borrow some sheep from Shauna so I can herd every day, all day. That would be great.Agility, I think I love Agility. I get soooo excited and can't control my emotions. Mom says I sound like an ape.Obedience, no, not really. Nobody seems to have any fun in Obdience. I play Obedience with my mom, but competing is not going to be an option for me.Rally, sure why not. I haven't done much, but seem to understand what mom wants me to do.Maybe I will get started in Rally in March.Flyball, no, not for me. I get to excited and nip other dogs so they stop barking and hurting my head. Way bad for my psyche.Tricks and Freestyle, yes, yes, yes. Lots of them. I love it when mom plays tricks with me. I catch on very quick.And I will try to be better to my big bro. Going to CU class is helping me though. I will continue with CU classes for sure.

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