Sunday, August 10, 2008

USDAA Trial August 8th and 9th

Ryker did it again! He earned yet another new title. This time in Snookers Starters. I have been hoping for a Jumpers leg to get his AD this weekend, however that did not happen. Not paying attention to what he was looking at cost me the only jumpers run that weekend. I am hoping to get it at the next trial though. He ran an almost flawless Advanced Standard course until the weaves. He entered correctly and immediately looked at me and came out. Then the funniest thing happened at before the last jump. He seemed a bit confused as to if I wanted him to take it or not. I kept telling him over, over, over. He spun around a few times looking at me and the jump as he approached it and finally took it. Everybody laughed as I cheered him on for taking it. It was funny.
His contacts were to die for. He is always so far ahead of me on the Dog Walk and I run my butt off. Most of the time, next to the judge, who is trying to watch for him touching the yellow, but Ryker comes to a dead stop not making it hard for the judge at all.
His start line stays are continuing to improve. I have to stay mentally strong and walk off if he ever breaks it. No dumbing down allowed!

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