Thursday, September 17, 2009

My poor Raygen

Today I went to the vet with Raygen and by "accident" he found a growth under Raygen's tongue. It was not there on August 8th, when Raygen had a tooth fixed. Growing that fast is a bit scary. The Dr. took a biopsy and send it in. Results are not going to be available until next week.
Even if it is benign it still has to be taken care of. It is very close to the salivary Gland and
Under Raygen's tongue. Note that the growth looks like two, however it is one with an ulcer in the middle.
This is after the biopsy.


  1. Oh yikes. Hope it doesn't bother him eat.
    Poor Raygen :-(

  2. So will they remove it? How do they do that on the tongue? What about infection?

  3. Did you ever get the results on this?

  4. Well, we know it is not a tumor. Teh vet thinks it is developing scar tissue for an infection. Raygen finished his antibiotics and we will see the vet again in a week. Maybe have to put him into a twighlight to be able to look at it.