Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jim Basic

Day 3 Jim Basic Seminar Picture
Jim Basic was invited to give a seminar in Draper. It was all about the Gamblers. I signed up for two days. First day to audit foundation and third day for working Ryker in "Gambler".
Day one was all about the foundation. We do some of the drills in Flyball, which helps Ryker with going on and on and on ahead of me.
Then we did some drills on how to teach the dog our body cue to go out.
Jim set up some simple excercises to challenge the novice dogs a bit more. It was pretty amazing how quikc they caught on.
I was not planning on going to day two. A previous commitment ended up not being planned out and I decided to got to day two and audit some Advanced Distance excercises. I am glad I went as this day was a continuation of day one.
Day three was a working day for Ryker and I. We did some drills over the a-frame, teeter and weaves. We talked about timing the obstacles to determine how many obstacles our dog can take in 30 seconds. Jim helped us to learn to stay calm with some "panic" drills.
Other drills consisted of how tunnels can be taken without adding extra seconds and how sequencing obstacles will help get more valuable time to get more points.
Ryker did good. I did some icky A-frame contacts and I am hoping it won;t affect him at our next trial. I am hoping of going again next year when he comes back.

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