Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TPLO Recovery

It has been Nine weeks since the surgery.

10 sessions on the Water Treadmill, Hot Tub with electro stimulation and laser therapy, and crate rest and leash walks have been part her recovery. She is doing amazing. Today was our final consult with Dr. Pam and she was impressed with how little muscle tone she has lost. She said that by summer we can trial in Agility again. Not sure if she would be mentally ready. We would have to train a bit before we get back running over obstacles.

The hardest part is keeping her weight at under 40lbs. She is 3 lbs over at this time. Her daily calorie intake should only be 400. I am off to the store to get more green beans as this will be part of her her diet plan until she looses those extra pounds.

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  1. Glad Rylie is doing so well! Good job on the rehab :-)