Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flyball St. George, January 31st, February 1st

I am a bit behind in posting about our very successful Flyball tournament with my team UTB.
This one was was sponsored by Stampede in St. George, Utah. The drive is not to bad and the weather was very nice.
Raygen and Ryker were signed up for singles races and Ryddick came along for the ride.
This was Ryker's debut race. His best time was 4.18 seconds. This was Raygen's second tournament and he really loved it. His best time was 4.77 seconds.
To my suprise I was asked to run Raygen and Ryker in one of the team races. Raygen's turn was on Saturday and Ryker was to run on Sunday. Both of them did fantastic and earned their of TF/Top Flight title. Maybe Ryker will go to Nationals in Nebraska this year?


  1. I am just so proud of you, Ryker and Raygen. The "light" has really come on for them and they have caught the flyball fever!

    Ryker says you might have to choose the flyball qualifier over that thing you make him do called agility. After all, didn't you say "That(flyball) is what he was bred for, why even try stupid Agility ;-)" ? hehehehe

  2. oh yeah, agility is way over rated, I speak from experience .... ;-)

    G and MACH ADCH Grommit