Friday, April 18, 2008

"Say Your Prayers"

This winter I have been teaching my dogs more tricks. In this picture is Ryddick saying his prayers. This one was easy to teach. He already knew the foundation and all I had to do was put is together. Foundation needed for this trick: nose target behavior, understanding of the clicker, front feet on chair behavior. Items needed: non slip chair, clicker, treats, piece of duck tape, in a quiet room. First I asked him to put his paws on the chair and relax. The elbows should touch the chair surface. Then I put the piece of duck tape in between his legs, near his paws. First thing he does is touch it with his nose. That was Easy! I let him do this a few times and then move the tape further back towards his elbows. Again, Easy! Pretty soon the tape is all the back almost under his chest. Continue to shape the target and then start adding the cue.You and your dog should have some knowledge of shaping.

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